Bobbie Johnson is a writer, editor and trouble-maker for hire. He's co-founder of MATTER, a principal of Offbeat, and proprietor of @IfYouOnly.

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About Bobbie Johnson

BOBBIE JOHNSON, 34, is a journalist and editor based in the UK. He is the co-founder of MATTER, an innovative new digital publisher focused on science and technology.

An editor and reporter with the Guardian for nearly a decade, he was based in London before becoming the organisation’s first staff reporter in San Francisco. As a technology specialist, he’s interviewed the likes of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates; as a foreign correspondent he’s covered everything from race riots to religious cults.

In addition to the Guardian, he has also worked as European editor of GigaOM, a web editor at the London Evening Standard, and freelance journalist for the BBC, Technology Review, Wired UK, the Telegraph (UK), and more. Currently, he’s a principal of Offbeat, a creative partnership based in Brighton, England, and is always available for interesting projects and assignments.

You can find him online in many places:


Contact through these channels, or send an email to bobbie dot johnson at gmail dot com.